Songwriting Studio

Our deluxe songwriting studio features everything you need to pen your next hit:

  • professional instruments on demand including:

    • keys by Moog, Hammond, Native Kontrol (S88), AKAI, Yamaha, Wurlitzer, E-mu

    • guitars, bass guitars, mandolin, ukulele, percussion (acoustic + electric)

    • amps + cabs by Fender, Acorn, Ampeg, Behringer, Fishman (vintage + modern)

    • dozens of modular synths, racks, and guitar pedals

    • massive library of samples, loops, and effects including Kontakt and Komplete

  • Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Cubase, Melodyne, Audacity, and Sibelius on a 40" HD display

  • Black Lion Audio, MOTU, and Focusrite interfaces to capture your vision

  • best-of-both-worlds location juxtaposes inspiring rooftop “city view” against historic "main street" Avondale; when it's time to feed your creativity, highly-acclaimed restaurants Rising Son and The Stratford are right downstairs

  • accessories (strings, sticks, picks, cables, WiFi, etc.)

  • smoke free and pet/allergy free