Songwriting Studio

Our deluxe songwriting studio features everything you need to pen your next hit:

  • Wurlitzer acoustic piano, Hammond XK-3c drawbar organ, MIDI controller + synth rack, various ac/el guitar + bass guitars + ac/el mandolin + ukulele + percussion, accessories (strings/picks/etc.)
  • Fender Blues Junior [tube] guitar amp, Fender Mustang [digital modeling] guitar amp, Fishman Loudbox acoustic amp with on-board FX and DI, Ampeg bass cabinet + Behringer Ultrabass head with DI, various guitar FX pedals
  • ProTools 12.3 desktop with 40" HDTV display, so you can track from a comfortable distance and still see the waves clearly
  • premium 24-bit / 192kHz / 124dB (SNR) Black Lion Audio Sparrow mkII A/D converter and word clock, to capture your ideas in their purest form
  • plug your unorthodox digital instrument, turntable, or custom 500-series rack into our secondary 24-bit / 192kHz interface via Firewire, digital S/PDIF and TOS, 1/4" line level, and RCA inputs
  • best-of-both-worlds location juxtaposes inspiring, rooftop "city view" - complete with distant CSX and MARTA flyover - against historic "main street USA" Avondale Estates; when it's time to feed your creativity, highly-acclaimed restaurants Rising Son and Pallookaville are right downstairs
  • free Xfinity WiFi
  • smoke free and pet/allergy free